Caffe Procaffe

The Cafe Procaffe interior is designed with great care and love, equipped in the representative style of modern interior design emphasising the use of quality materials with brave colour choice and animal prints, especially zebra.

The Cafe Procaffe comfortable furniture along with many other particularities has been carefully chosen as well as highly trained experienced staff that will take care of you during your stay in order to make it relaxing and enjoying. This is what distinguishes us from other coffee shops and snack bars.
The Cafe Procaffe opens its heart with intention of meeting the needs of our guests to the maximum level.

A wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, exquisite selection of the finest wines, famous sparkling wines and champagnes, coctails and daily fresh domestic cakes and bakings will satisfy even the most choosy people.

For those who prefer gastro pleasure encircled by enjoying the smell of premium Cuban cigar, we offer a selection which will appreciate each expert.
In our desire to retain the interest of guests we periodically organize thematic musical evenings, throughout the entire year, whether it is a hot tango rhythm and salsa or French chanson, the Italian canzone, jazz or pop-rock scene.

Besides famous names of the Croatian music scene like Arsen, Kemal, Massimo, Matija Dedić and Marija Husar we occasionally surprise you with less known names whose performance and a repertoire of famous songs is nothing less admirable than their more famous showbiz colleagues.
All kinds of daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines are available daily to our guests.

We are located along the shore in the vicinity of the Split Yacht marina, on northern side of Marjan hill, near Rowing Club Gusar (as part of the same complex). Our terrace, with about 60 tables by the sea, provides a breathtaking view of the Kaštela bay and Kozjak mountain. There is a large parking plateau in vicinity.


  Legenda o kavi

Mnogo je inačica iste priče o postanku kave. Kao i u mnogim drugim slučajevima kada se radi o legendama i ova je doživjela mnoge preobrazbe. Legende su svakako maštovitije od suhoparnih povijesnih podataka...

  Poslovice o kavi

"Kava treba biti crna kao noć, vruća kao pakao i slatka kao žena" - brazilska poslovica

"Kava treba biti crna kao pakao, snažna kao smrt i slatka kao ljubav" - turska poslovica

"Kava i ljubav najbolji su dok su vrući" - njemačka poslovica

"Dobra komunikacija je stimulativna baš kao i šalica crne kave, te je jednako teško potom zaspati" - citat: Anne Morrow Lindbergh (američka spisateljica i pionir ženske avijacije sa početka prošlog stoljeća; 1906. – 2001.)